What is this blog about?

Day-to-day horrors and terrible catastrophes, of course!

Why should I read it?

Because you are procrastinating (or, possible but less likely, you just want something to read) and hopefully it will entertain you. Ta for visiting!

Are the catastrophes real?


Who are you?

My name is Esme, and I am an undergraduate student. My interests include art, caffeine and firearms, and if I sleep it tends to be in the daytime.

Why are you writing this blog?

Facebook statuses don’t contain sufficient characters to sustain a good discussion of most of the horrors; additionally my accommodation has very limited storage space so I don’t, and couldn’t, possess a real soapbox even if I wanted one.

So, I liked reading this…

Fantastic, glad to hear it! Please do leave a comment, share or follow my posts or drop me a line at esmeterriblecatastrophes@gmail.com (Or you could even fill out the handy comment form below if you so desired). I’ll do my best to reply…


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